Author Essentials: Exorcise your demons…

An unknown exorcist helps Sophie Neville with her inner demons… Seen here at a recent *cough* launch for one of those things – with the ink and the paper and the electronic tablet… Continue reading

Author Essentials: Anonymity

  Oliver McNeil had no idea who he was snapping on this sunny Hastings Pirate Day…

Author Essentials: Go there…

If your imaginary world is rich in geographical detail, at least in your mind’s eye, you need to get out there and soak it up in order to transfer the experience to the… Continue reading

Author Essentials: Improvise…

We don’t all have the Hollywood lifestyle yet. The old archetypal author who scribes by the pool with cocktails, or strolls through their private woodland with the faithful dog, haunted by the silent… Continue reading

Author of the Day – Thomas L Hay

Author Thomas L Hay on finding the right outlet for the urge to scribe… “I always had a desire to write, but could never find the time. After I retired, time was no… Continue reading

Author Essentials: Plan your murders carefully…

No matter what your motive (or muse) you can’t plan your crimes in a cavalier fashion. Especially if you are writing for the contemporary market. Wherever your characters step, a zillion public and… Continue reading

Author of the Day – Lindsey J Parsons

Author Lindsey J Parsons rises from slumber in her dragon’s lair… “I live in a crumbly old house with numerous dragons, various animals, and my kids. The dragons are probably the sanest members of the… Continue reading

Author of the Day – Katrina Anne Jack

A heart-warming enigmatic smile from Katrina Jack to make even the Mona Lisa green with envy… “I’m a fifty something year old spinster, with a penchant for cats and growing old as disgracefully as possible.… Continue reading

Author of the Day – Andrea Baker

Author Andrea Baker at Kenilworth Castle, combining leisure time with location research… “My life feels like it’s a rabbit warren, and I’m running around trying to find the tunnel that leads to some peace and… Continue reading

Author of the Day – Sophie Neville

…She’s done it again! Author Sophie Neville preparing to give a talk at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club. Once more, she managed to match her choice of outfit (in a suitably nautical navy… Continue reading